Calling panoramic lovers

Panoramic Canvas Wrap 

• Our high-resolution print canvas is beautiful to see and touch. Plus, it comes with a semi-shiny layer perfect for 'stunning colors results.' 
• Yes, the hanging accessory kit is free. We promise, there are no hidden prices.
• Frame made with 100% super resistant wood.


What canvas can do!

Turn your pictures into 'wow' gift with PPNY canvas. They are an excellent way to show up your work in the office or keep your memories alive in your home. Plus, you can choose different shapes and make your custom gallery. 


White Edge 

 Sides of the canvas are 

Black Edge 

Sides of the canvas are 

Mirrored Edge 

Mirrored image to cover canvas sides

Folded Edge 

Printed large enough to wrap
onto sides of the canvas. 


Canvas Wrap 1.5” 
with “fold” edge 
option requires 1.75”


15.5” x 15.5” artwork
for 12” x 12” 

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Total$ 56.84
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