Booklets with a lot to say

Custom Booklets

• 100 lb paper weight with an extra glossy finish included. 
• Our double sided and full-color option are included in the price. - We promise, no hidden prices.
• Choose as many sheets as you need to explain your projects. Options start at 8 to end in 32 pages. Cover included. 


How DVD booklets can help


Backing your explanations

Some projects need more than a spoken statements and few pictures. With our DVD books, you will hand over the perfect support for your ideas and let anyone keep it. - Say yes to endless 'self-promotion' in one product.


Strong Interaction

When it comes to catching attentions, nothing better than a product everyone can see and touch over and over and over again. Plus, DVD booklets gives excellent content opportunities, good-looking design chance and a lot of pics places. 

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